Back40 News

“Hi, this is Dave. I’ll be out of the office tomorrow. In my absence, I’m leaving the Magic 8-Ball in charge. It’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. If it’s an emergency, please ask the Magic 8-Ball if you should call my cell.”

It sounded like a good plan. The Magic 8-Ball is well known for its quick decision-making and outstanding leadership skills. It left me free to take the day off and go for a ride while leaving Back40’s staff with the security and confidence that all of their questions would be answered while I’m out goofing off.

The next morning I geared up, gassed up the red Ducati and headed toward Arkansas, where the roads are windy and the scenery is new. Heading east on I-40, I imagined the Back40 kids filtering into work and reading my mass e-mail proclamation. Some are saying, “Yeah, that’s about right.” Others are spewing coffee on their monitors and asking,

“Has Dave lost his mind?” Yes, absolutely.

Refreshed and ready to tackle a new workday, I returned the next day— confident that my second-in-command, the Magic 8-Ball, dispensed wisdom and resolved all the problems that usually land on my desk. Reviewing its performance, I knew I had left the company in good hands. Some samples:

Can we have the rest of the week off with pay? The answer is no.

How come Dave gets the day off and we don’t? Concentrate and ask again.

So far so good. The Magic 8 Ball is down with the Back 40 program.

How come no one knows how to replace a roll of toilet paper in the restrooms? I have no idea.

Will peo