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We all enjoy what we do, but we couldn’t help but wonder, “If I didn’t work at Back40 Design, what would I be doing?”

Amy Mueller, account executive, needed very little time to answer this one. “A chef. You see, when I actually do have time to make a ‘real meal’ I always try to make it look like it came from a five star restaurant.” If she’s not selling ads, she’s preparing maple salmon with mushroom couscous, or maybe a chocolate trifle.

Perhaps Mecca Seymour, bookkeeper, is in the wrong line of work. Since she likes to yell a lot, her other dream job would be perfect. “I would be a drill sergeant. I always wanted to be in the military and to be able to motivate people (this is where the yelling comes in); to make people be all that they can be. That would be a fun job.”

“A builder of fine design and backyard decks.” Sarah Bailey, designer, found her calling but has always considered another line of work. “Give me a claw hammer with a steel handle and a large box of hot-dipped galvanized nails, and I will build the deck you’ve always wanted. And I’ll do it inside of a weekend.”

Dustin Brewer, web designer, can’t shake the idea of being a writer. Not like the ones you read in the daily newspapers, but the ones you carry around with you for weeks at a time. “John Grisham, Dean Koontz, Louis L’Amour—nothing to it. All I need is a word processor and a good idea and I would be atop the best seller list.”

Aspens, blue spruces and Ponderosa Pines. Sometimes Teddy Burch, managing editor, gets lost in his own world of being a forester in Colorado. “I think John Denver had it right.” The only problem? “I believe it requires a lot of education in science. I’m pretty sure that rules me out. The less thinking about how the trees exist, the better.”

“Give me sand, sun and surf,” cries out Peyton Hutchison, project manager. If she didn’t spend the better part of her day inside the walls of Back40 Design, she would lifeguard on Maui Island. “I could find a way to withstand the crystal blue waters, 80 degrees in January and the spectacle of an evening sunset.”

The blur you may see going by could be Dave Miller, president. “I’d be a professional motorcycle road racer. Not that I have the skills to do something like that, but I think it would be cool to just hang around race bikes, the track and all the interesting people that are obsessed with motorcycles.” And if that is not enough to pass the time, “ I would paint abstract art and do huge collages like Rauschenberg.”

Jaimi Aycock, graphic designer, and potential wedding planner. She prefers to be surrounded by the bliss of roses, tulips and hydrangeas. “Not really, I enjoy planning and designing the weddings. If it wasn’t for the bride and the brides parents, I could really enjoy this profession.”

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