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Teddy Burch, managing editor, is working from home this week. Teddy is recovering from a "slip and slide" accident. Teddy was simply following directions… remove product from packaging, roll out across lawn, hook up to garden hose, let the fun begin – for kids. But Teddy admits disregarding the weight and size limit for intended users – not for adults. One slip, fall and slide later, Teddy's backyard water park extravaganza landed him at the emergency room. Teddy says "I'd rather edit Back40 News than make it."

Back40 programmers have been working on our new content management system. A content management system is a fancy way of saying – a way for our clients to update and maintain their own websites. Chris Logan and Jon Fields have headed up the project. After hundreds of hours developing, testing, coding and arguing over features. They are ready for you to take a look at our new system at Our website systems start at $750 and are fully upgradeable with feature modules.

Back40 Design welcomes two new staff members this month. Chad Dahlgren has been hired on to head up the web department as a project manager. "Chad is experienced, proactive, and super knowledgeable in running multiple web projects. "Chad will be instrumental in Back40's mission to improve our web products and service. "I'm happy to have him onboard." Says Dave Miller, CEO. "He's integrating well. Matt Ledford has already pranked him by putting tape to the bottom of his optical mouse, which makes it useless. There is nothing like watching the new guy furiously zoom his mouse over his desk trying to get it to work. In Chad's defense, he figured it out pretty quick." Chad adds, "Tell Matt, I don't get even, I get one up." Let the games begin.

Back40 welcomes Mecca Seymour. Mecca is working with Sandy Miller in the Back40 business department. Mecca and Sandy are no strangers to working together, both Sandy and Mecca are Mind & Body Fitness Boot Camp instructors. If you have any billing issue or you feel the need to see how many push ups you can do in a minute while some one yells at you (in a loving and encouraging way) call Back40 and ask for the "house of pain." Mecca joins Back40 after working in the finance in the auto industry for nearly 10 years. "I like it here, but I miss the new car smell."

"New car smell … New car smell … I love my new car smell!" Donna Walker, salesperson, loves her new car smell so much she made everyone at the office come out and take a whiff for themselves. Donna traded in her slightly tired Toyota for a zippy new Mazda. "Ah… the aroma of a new silver Mazda 3 with leather interior, Bose sound system and 2.3 Liter engine." Donna, thanks for sharing.

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