Back40 News

"You think she lived out in the panhandle when Donna talks about her drive to and from the office," explains Peyton Stovall, print project manager. Donna Walker rants "My drive takes forever! There are lots of hills and it's rural – and it's really dark out there at night." Yet the dedicated account executive gets up everyday, packs up her supplies, checks the gas gauge and points her Toyota south. That's dedication. Thanks Donna. BTW, Donna's house (1 mile north of Waterloo- MLS#) is for sale. We understand that she is looking to move closer to office – either that or Norman. Go figure.

Neill Harmer, web project manager, swears its not a diet, he just calls it eating better. "Whatever I'm doing, I feel great! Yesterday when I was chowing down on some apple slices and yogurt, Peyton walked by and said ‘Those look good' – wow, my first Peyton approved lunch."

It's official all of the Back40 programmers have motorcycles. Matt Ledford, who is generally inaudible, quietly confessed to owning a 1968 Puch 250. The trio is currently deciding on names for their gang/club. Popular favorites are Linux Angels, Server Slaves, Bytes on Bikes, and PHP Riders v2.0 leading the favorites.

Jaimi Aycock, Graphic Designer, has moved for the 4th time since she's been at Back40. "I'd like to give up this nomadic existence, but I keep finding better apartments. Last week I was visiting a friend's place and I notice