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To the web department's dismay, Dave Miller, CEO, has set up a desk in the bullpen. "I am no longer content to be merely a figure head here at Back40. I used to design. I used to code. I am rolling up my sleeves and getting back to it. Unless, of course, we get too busy, then I just go and hide in my office." Chris Logan, web programmer, adds "With Dave now ‘in earshot' we have to make fun of him by instant message – other than that it's business as usual. Except for the occasional prospective clients asking, ‘Who's the old guy in the web department?'"

Peyton Stovall, print project manager, is training for another "half marathon." This will be her second in two years. If you do the math, it has only taken her two years to complete a full marathon. Way to go Peyton!

Jaimi Aycock, graphic designer and old movie buff, recommends The Lady Eve, a 1941 romantic comedy. "I like old movies. They have better plot lines, better writing, more original, you can usually rent them for five days, AND everyone dressed better in old movies."

Jon Fields, web programmer, got his new motorcycle. "Well, technically, it's used. But it's new to me. I got a good deal on my trade-in. I picked up my new bike and it proceeded to rain for two days. So, I had a little quality time with the Road Star in the garage."

Not to be outdone by her husband, Sandy Miller, CFO, has joined Dave in his mountain biking adventures. Sandy, who is already a Mind & Body Fitness Boot Camp instructor, says she's happy to join Dave in his mid-life crisis. "It's great supplemental exercise for me, plus when Dave hits trees, I can be that special someone who can call for help." Dave is quick to add, "She can out run me and do more sit-ups than I can, but I can still dust her on the green, yellow and red trails at NuDraper."

How many programmers does it take to unlock a pick-up truck? Apparently three.

Matt Ledford, web programmer, locked himself out of his pick-up truck – with his lights on and his radio blaring. It was a race against the draining amps as Back40's collective programming brain trust (Jon, Matt and Chris) finally jammed a bent coat hanger into a window crack, through some weather stripping, and unlocked the power-consuming truck. Thirty-three minutes of company time, times three programmers cost the company… let's just say Matt will be working through lunch for a while. Neill Harmer, web project manager, said if he had managed the unlocking, he could have cut the hours in half.

What's that noise? Oh, it's the painful buzz of the tattoo needle. But to Neill Harmer it means work has continued on his full sleeve. He has recommitted his right arm to the tattoo artist. "Right now, I have my shoulder and top half of my arm covered in ink, but by next year, I should have a full sleeve." Neill, it's good to have goals. Here's another goal, buy some long sleeve shirts for client meetings.

Debi Farley, Back40's new office manager, has finally figured out how to get the coffee out of the pot. "I was fine getting the coffee into the pot, it was the getting out part that eluded me. For several weeks, unbeknownst to the Back40 staff, Debi would unscrew the top of the pot to dispense coffee. But after watching Sandy simply press the little button on the lid and pour herself a cup, Debi saw the light. Debi's keen observation skills far surpass her mechanical abilities.

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