Matt Ledford and Chris Logan successfully added another web server to the Back40 hosting cluster. The two programmers arrived under cover of darkness, switched, propagated and consumed a 12-pack of Dr Pepper during the all-night upgrade.

Neill Harmer, web project manager, was asked to speak at the June meeting of OKC Refresh group. Refresh is a gathering of like-minded website coders intent on building a better Internet. Neill arrived to chants of “Neill, Neill, Neill.” Once the crowd (like 9 people) calmed down, Neill shared his experience and hope for a better Internet. “I’m kind of like a rock star for geeks,” he says.

Jaimi Aycock has joined Back40 as a graphic designer. Jaimi is our second “intern to staffer” success story. Jaimi has integrated well into Back40’s Suite E, formerly known as Boy’s Town.

Sandy Miller, CFO, has enrolled in the Mind and Body Fitness Boot Camp. Sandy joins nearly 50 other boot camp attendees every weekday morning at 6 a.m. to sweat, stretch and exercise.

Sandy has even had the honor of being berated by program founder and instructor, Mike Cejka. “He told me to shut my pie hole and keep running! How cool is that?!” beamed Sandy.

Peyton Stovall, print project manager, has managed to integrate back into the company after a week in Cancun. Peyton may have unknowingly smuggled a few Cuban cigars into the U.S. Once aware of the situation, she turned them over to Dave Miller, CEO, who promised a full investigation.

No, that’s not a turban Michael Dick is wearing. He is recovering from some sort of lump that grew out of the side of his head. Once diagnosed and treated, Michael disregarded his doctor’s orders and continues to show up at his desk. Not rain, nor sleet, nor swollen lump of flesh shall deter a Back40 programmer from coding a site.

Craig Teel, graphic designer, broke into spontaneous “Swan Lake” performance when his new iMac arrived. Just when you think you know another staff member someone like this happens… not the dancing, we kind of expected that. But the whole “Mac guy” thing,-we never saw that coming.

About halfway through the month, as our publication deadline nears, a curious transformation begins to take effect. It starts with a gentle twisting breeze, then quickly accelerates into Donna Walker, the Edmond Outlook “ad selling tornado.” Days before deadline, Donna cuts a 6 foot wide path of twisted destruction to the graphic department. Worthless sales leads, hideously crushed Dr. Pepper cans, dead rechargeable batteries, mangled file folders and obsolete ad comps litter the path of destruction. As the storm passes, we pause for a moment to reflect on the devastation -and then we get started on another Outlook.

The all new Edmond Outlook website is up and generating Google adsense dollars. The site has advertising information, suggest-a-story links, story archive, monthly contest and all important links to our sister publication, the Shawnee Shopper and our publication “mothership” Back40 Design.

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