Back 40 News

The benefit garage sale was a huge success! We collected over $5,900 for our editor, Teddy Burch’s chemo treatments. Friends, family and complete strangers delivered truckloads of items for the sale. News crews from channel 4, 9 and 25 did on location reports. It was truly an event. Thank you to everyone who worked, donated or bought something at the sale.

Jaimi Aycock has returned to work freshly rested after a week’s vacation, although she claims that getting her wisdom teeth out does not constitute a vacation. “A week on the couch watching TV while slightly medicated – that sounds like a vacation to me. Can I get one of those?” asks Dave Miller, Back40 President.

If you visit the Back40 office, here’s a word of advice…do not discard anything in Peyton Hutchison’s trashcan. The trash receptacle adjacent to her desk must only accept her trash. Apparently this whole deal stems from her having to fish some lost document out of her trash after other people put stuff in her trash. “There was food stuff from other people, I got totally grossed out. I am not going through that again.”

A rented minivan, a couple from Denmark, and a two-week road trip to San Francisco and back. Is this premise for a new reality TV show? No, this is Mecca Seymour’s idea of a vacation. Our Back40 bookkeeper and her husband, Don, have been planning this trip for a year. “We stopped in Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood and Big Sur. It was a great trip for our Danish friends.”

Think before you shred! Or spend the afternoon reconstructing an important document. CFO