Back 40 News

Two issues ago, Back40 News poked a little fun at our managing editor, Teddy Burch’s slip and slide accident – and subsequent trip to the emergency room. It turns out that was really the beginning of the story.

Within hours of his examination, Teddy was in surgery. Within days of his surgery, Teddy was diagnosed with cancer. And since his diagnosis, we have come to learn that the cancer is very aggressive. As you read this, it’s very likely that Teddy is sitting in a room with other cancer patients receiving day-long treatments of chemotherapy. Teddy’s chemo schedule is essentially one week on, followed by one week off. The program of treatment is for 9 weeks.

Teddy is a character; I have never met anyone like him. When he speaks, his voice will raise and lower as he verbalizes his thoughts to you – almost like a melody. His favorite phrase is, “Outstanding!” We miss hearing that around the office.

Teddy graduated from UCO last spring as an “older graduate.” At UCO, Teddy managed the paper. At Back40 he writes, takes photos and manages the freelance writers for both of our publications. The weekend before starting at Back40, Teddy married Dena Weaver and became a father to her three children, Brendon, 12, Jacob, 11 and Gabrielle, 4. Dena was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a year earlier and continues her scheduled radiation treatments.

We usually take this space to have some gratuitous fun—but this month we’d like to ask for your prayers for this young couple. We also want to let our readers know that Teddy’s family and friends are putting together a benefit garage sale on Saturday, October 13th. The garage sale will be located at