Avenge Pest Control

The best time to stop the damage from termites and other pests is before it happens. With nearly 20 years of expertise, brothers Chris and Ty Coon of Avenge Pest Control will keep your home or business pest-free all four seasons long.

Termites Are Active Now

Every structure in Oklahoma is vulnerable to termite infestations. “It’s a matter of when not if,” says Ty.

Termites do damage all year long, but they only make themselves known in late spring and early summer. Many homeowners mistake swarming termites for flying ants. It’s also easy to overlook other signs of infestation, such as sawdust-like piles near walls and small kick holes in sheetrock.

If you’re not sure what to look for, Avenge Pest Control offers free termite inspections. For customers on a regular contract with Avenge, they will receive an annual termite inspection. If treatment is needed, it’s applied safely underground around the entire perimeter of the property, with no toxic bait stations. The treatment kills the whole colony within a few weeks.

Safe, Comprehensive Pest Control

Along with termites, Avenge takes care of various other pests, including everything from scorpions to wildlife such as snakes. Unlike most other companies, they include rodent control in their standard contracts and will treat for infestations of rats, moles, gophers, and mice. Every treatment they use is safe around children and pets once the application has dried.

Ty and Chris grew up in Edmond and have worked in the pest control industry since 2005. They started Avenge Pest Control in 2013, and many customers have been with them since the beginning. All work is completed by Ty, Chris, or their in-house technician, Geoff Brown. They serve business and residential customers throughout the metro area.

Schedule a free termite inspection and find out more about Avenge’s services at avengepestcontrol.com.

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