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Gone are the days of getting by with a “plain Jane” air conditioning unit or furnace that wastes homeowners’ money, says Jesse Alvarez, head of the family-owned A&T Mechanical in Edmond.

Alvarez believes it’s an exciting time to be in the heating and cooling business because technicians get the satisfaction of installing the most up-to-date equipment that can slash utility bills while keeping homes as comfortable as ever.

“I’ve always been passionate about the new stuff that comes out, a lot of which is nearly revolutionary,” Alvarez said. “Now we install equipment that communicates with both the furnace and the cooling unit outside. These systems are not only efficient but intuitive; they do everything for you when it comes to humidity, temperature and so on.”

A&T Mechanical employs a team of dedicated, communicative professionals who understand the importance of customer satisfaction. A&T focuses on residential work, so it’s crucial homeowners trust those who are working inside their homes, Alvarez said.

“Our guys have such a wonderful connection with each other when they’re on a job,” Alvarez said. “They just know what needs to be done and they know it needs to be done correctly and in a timely form.”

The company, which services homes throughout central Oklahoma, focuses on installation, repair and inspection services to ensure equipment is running as efficiently as possible.

Alvarez purchased the company 37 years ago and now runs it with his son and daughter by his side. Together, Joseph Alvarez and Jessica Alvarez-Stacy work to grow the company and handle communications and advertising. Working alongside his kids and watching them tackle business challenges is one of the best parts of running A&T Mechanical, Alvarez said.

“We really are working together as a family,” he said. “As a father, in my age, it’s wonderful to see that happening. It’s fun for me to wake up every morning and see them work hard to grow this company.”

A&T Mechanical – Waterwood Parkway, Suite I-100, Edmond. Visit okatmechanical.com/or call (405) 810-8891 to learn more.


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