Ask Edmond: What’s the best piece of advice your mom has given you?

Amy Townsend

Amy Townsend
Living Little Ways

“Real adults ask for help. I had a bad habit of trying to do it by myself and getting in over my head. She helped me realize that no one does things by themselves. Instead of trying to “prove” that I can do it all by myself, I now surround myself with people who I trust and can rely on for help.”

Matthew Boydstun

Matthew Boydstun
Funeral Director / Location Manager
Baggerley Funeral Home

“Don’t back up, when you can go forward.” She was mostly talking about driving, but applies well to life in general. Keep moving forward.

Chris Purget

Chris Purget
App Admin
University of Central Oklahoma

“The best piece of advice my mom has given to me is to treat other people like I like to be treated. I am kind to others and I try to help people when I can.”

Sharla Shirley

Sharla Shirley
Domestic Engineer
The Shirley Family

“My mom always told me to trust my instinct. I didn’t notice it until I got older but my mom was and still is very intuitive. I have tried to always follow her advice, which I think leads to healthier relationships and life.”

Keelie Cargill

Keelie Cargill
Lead Martial Arts Instructor
Pride MMA

“She always told me you can let nerves work for you or against you. The only thing that can ever stand in your way is you.”

Brett Ritz

Brett Ritz
Payment Services – Business Consultant
Card Connect

“My mother has always been my rock in my life when things were tough, I got discouraged and needed to hear the right thing to steer the course. She’s always said: Always be yourself, stay humble and never lose your faith. Words I’ve always lived by.”

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