Ask Edmond: What sound, scent or flavor reminds you of your childhood summer?

Ask Edmond People - July 2020

Bailey Wilson
Owner Bondi Bowls

My favorite sound is of the volleyball being served over sand, children screaming as they fall off the tube and fireworks bursting overhead. 

Malcolm M. Savage
Attorney at Law Savage Law Office

I spent my childhood summers mowing lawns, hauling hay, working in our family’s huge garden, and with the cows and pigs. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of cows mooing and the taste of fresh vegetables. 

Alvin R. Bates
Retired CPA/Attorney

So many scents come to mind, but none stand out more than the smell of a “it may just rain” warm humid breeze carrying with it the scents of the field as I haul freshly cut hay. 

Josh Valentine
Executive Chef – Partner Livegrass Butcher + Bistro

Growing up in Oklahoma, summertime meant tomatoes. Atleast once a week, my grandmother would make a pot of beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread. My favorite thing was a cornbread sandwich,with a fresh garden tomato, buttered of course. 

Shelley Dutton
Development Director Limbs for Life Foundation

My summer flavor is peach, homemade peach ice cream. My Mother made incredible ice cream. The anticipation, sitting on the ice cream freezer while my Dad cranked away. Wehadsomeofthebest conversations there. Sweet, delicious memories! 

Peggy Buller
Land Professional

Homemade ice cream! We had family cookouts often and homemade ice cream was a special treat in the summer, especially on the 4th of July and birthdays. My parents had an electric ice cream maker, but my grandparents used a manual one and we kids all thought it was fun to help make it “like they did in the old days.” 

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