Ask Edmond: If there was one thing you could tell your ‘pre-Covid self,’ what would that be?

June Ask Edmond People

Jessica Anne Laster
Cosmetologist, Urban Loft Salon Founder, Sandwiches With Love

I would tell my pre-COVID self to always have money in a savings account and remind myself that I have survived a lot of things by using common sense and hoping for the best! 

Bill Crouch
Owner, BC Pro Media

Yo, listen up, the world is getting ready to change. Great investment opportunity coming your way. Invest money in live streaming companies and manufacture of hardware for live-streaming. 

Lori Evans
Northern Hills Teacher Edmond Public Schools

As a retiring teacher, I’d tell myself to embrace each day as if it were my last day to teach my First Graders! Had I known what was to come, I would have hugged my precious ones a little tighter! 

Collin Redwine
Graduated Oklahoma Christian HS Attending Texas Tech University Student

I would tell myself to live one day at a time. While planning is helpful, it cannot guarantee control for yourself. So, let go of the future, and be present. 

Caleb Martin
Founder & CEO, Alliant HR Outsourcing

Be safe, but don’t let it consume you. Work hard, but don’t let it control you. Have fun, but don’t let it make you lazy. Your calendar will be clear until June, so spend time on the important things! 

Sarah Hail Smith
Realtor, eXp Realty

I’d tell myself to hug everyone a little longer & harder. As a physical touch love language person, I have a whole new appreciation for a good hug & won’t take those small touches for granted again. 

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