In Other Words with Dave - September 2019

Written by Dave Miller in the September 2019 Issue

In other words with Dave

What do you want to do tonight? I don’t know. What do you want to do? Alison and I can continue this conversation all the way up to “it’s too late to do anything - let’s just watch a show.”

Hmmm... the couch is comfortable, and the Golden Age of Television can be seductive – but not this time, couch! I type out a desperate text to Briton and Tonya, a couple we enjoy hanging out with. “You guys want to go to Heard on Hurd?” I pause, fully realizing if I press send there’s no turning back. I pressed send. Our future was now in limbo. We were risking everything.

Within the hour, we joined thousands of “Hurders” downtown. Alison and Tonya shopped the mobile boutiques nestled among dozens of food trucks and the stores along Broadway open late for the event. Briton and I enjoyed live music while munching on some tasty Made-in-Oklahoma bratwurst.

Things are changing downtown. Lime scooters ready and waiting to take you here and there. The Mule, a popular Plaza District restaurant, is opening a location where The Zu used to be. Across the street, Frenzy Brewing Company is remodeling the historic E.A. Bender building - soon to be Edmond’s first brewery and taproom. Right around the corner, the Railyard will open soon as a mixed-use building concept that will house six eateries.

How do you top off an evening of shopping, eating, listening and visiting? For us, we ended up at Unplugged, a gaming lounge near 2nd Street. It was busy with people playing board games - none of which I’m familiar. We find an empty table and enjoy a coffee and conversation.

If you haven’t been or haven’t been in a while, there are two more Heard on Hurd events this season, September 21st and October 19th. I will see you there. As I like to tell myself, the couch isn’t going anywhere - it will be there when I get home.

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