In Other Words With Dave - May 2019

Written by Dave Miller in the May 2019 Issue

In other words with Dave

It’s quiet. It’s early. I’m on my laptop but I’m not checking my mail or my news sites. I go right to Facebook and start downloading pics of my employees. Is it time to call HR? No, I use the photos for reference. I’m preparing to draw some birthday cards. We have a birthday tradition here at Back40 and the Edmond Outlook, we celebrate with a hand-drawn card and a gift. And this month, we celebrated three birthdays: Andrea, Laura and Jessica.

Since I have some experience doodling and cartooning - the job usually is mine. I’m halfway through my coffee and I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into again. It’s just not happening yet. To be honest, I pretty much have one style of drawing - and most every caricature looks the same. Like the character I drew back in the 90s with a nationally syndicated comic strip I created (oddly enough, the comic strip was called ‘Dave’).

It’s not coming together. I feel like sending some Hallmark greetings. Then I remember...

Last month, after the birthday cards were presented, Rachel, who works on this magazine and with Back40 marketing clients, said she was hoping she would receive a hand-drawn card and not a store bought one. That felt good. I push forward and refocus, sketching shapes in light blue pencil while constantly referencing the Facebook photos. After several attempts, I switch to a lead pencil and start bringing in more detail. I think I am capturing the essence of Laura. Okay, now onto Andrea. And then finally, Jessica. It’s coming together.

What happens when it’s my birthday? What do you get for the guy who draws the hand- drawn cards? A card from one of our talented designers, Adrian. See his illustration below of me in my S2000. I don’t think I was drawn to scale. Although, some people would say my head is that big.

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