In Other Words with Dave - July 2019


Written by Dave Miller in the July 2019 Issue

This past weekend I got a wonderful lesson on what family is. I attended a wedding - not for my side of the family - but for my late wife Sandy’s side of the family in Texas.

I’ve known Sandy’s relatives for years and I appreciate them continuing to welcome me. And I especially appreciate them welcoming my bride, Alison into their lives.

The wedding was wonderful and seeing Sandy's relatives was grounding for me. I miss being called Uncle Dave. I love being called over to meet some extended family. I love that people want to meet and know Alison. 

Sure, there were some awkward moments like when people ask how I am related to the family - give me a few minutes to explain that. And there was a “remembrance table” set up in the reception hall with pictures of family members who have passed, which included a photo of my late wife. There are times when we know to respectfully step back, like family group photos.

And kudos to Alison for being willing to attend. Sandy’s relatives have been so welcoming to her. From messaging her on Facebook to personally reaching out to her before and after the ceremony.

I don’t have a lot of family. It means so much to be loved and accepted by this Texas clan. I thank them for making this Yankee feel at home.

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