In Other Words With Dave - February 2020

Written by Dave Miller in the February 2020 Issue


Dave Drawing Illustration

Remember when Amazon’s goal was to be the “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore?” How about when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston tied the knot? Or when a volleyball named Wilson was Tom Hanks’ best friend in the movie Castaway. That all happened in the year 2000. That was also the year I started Back40.

Here we are 20 years later and Amazon overshot their goal - in a big way. Things didn’t turn out so well for Brad and Jennifer - or for Wilson either, but Back40 has done well. We’ve endured, grown and prospered. We’re still helping clients with their web and digital marketing.

I can’t take much credit for it. Well, maybe for hiring some really smart people. And for doing my best to run an honest and fair business. I feel blessed to use my talents in a creative field everyday.

Sure there have been struggles, worrying, going without, hard conversations, and days I’d rather be stocking an aisle somewhere - anywhere, but really for the vast majority of my days - I love what I do and I love what Back40 does.

And it’s still fun. When I was a little guy, I enjoyed drawing. It’s pretty much all I did. I’d create worlds in my imagination that would flow off the end of my pen onto the paper. These worlds told stories and came alive - at least to me. I guess that’s one reason I keep inflicting this column on you, the reader. Selfishly, I get to do what I have always done - tell a story and draw a

I hope you can take a few moments at work or at home and do what you love to do. It feels great. 

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