In other Words with Dave

Written by Dave Miller and Angie Byers in the November 2020 Issue

Angie Byers

While I’m recuperating, I thought this would be a good time to share a guest post from our account executive, Angie. 



As we head into the last 2 months of this tumultuous year, I’m reminded of a lesson I learned several years back. 

While working to earn my makeup artist certification, I had to do makeovers on 56 different people that had a variety of face shapes, skin colors and facial features. I asked friends, acquaintances and even strangers if I could take 45 minutes of their time to do a makeover with no purchase required and no strings attached. 

There is a certain kind of vulnerability that people offer when you sit face-to-face with them. They trusted me to see them with a bare face. Their truest self. Walls came down and words came out. It was in these moments that the most heartfelt and meaningful conversations took place. Many confessed they felt invisible; their secret struggles unnoticed and their deepest truths untold. 

Those 56 faces gave me a platform to pour kindness, compassion, empathy and encouragement into the hearts of uniquely and wonderfully made human beings from ALL walks of life. 

It showed me that authentic face-to-face relationships are the lifeblood of human existence. It taught me that absolutely everyone has a story worth hearing. It reminded me that we all carry unique experiences and burdens in a way that can’t be seen...only heard. It taught me that entire perspectives can change with a few poignant words.

While I was there to help them feel as beautiful on the outside as they already were on the inside, the real privilege was getting to hear their heart because it changed mine.

In this season, I challenge you to transform your own experience by listening to someone’s heart.


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