Hidden Treasures

Written by Louise Tucker Jones in the November 2020 Issue

Hidden Treasures

Back in the early 70s, my late husband accepted a job at a new company, which offered him a better position. At the time we were renting a lovely two-story brick home in Tulsa and I was six months pregnant with our second child. A little too late, Carl realized the change in employers compromised our health insurance and we suddenly had to pay for private instead of group insurance to cover my pregnancy. An expensive tradeoff. 

We decided a move was in order and found a cute little two-bedroom home with a lower rental fee. It wasn’t my dream home but we scrubbed and painted and made it ours. Those who have had to downsize due to Covid-19 job loss can probably identify with our situation.

But here’s what I found. There are hidden treasures wherever you are, but you often have to look for them. As it turned out our little house was within walking distance of Swan Lake, a beautiful place. And being as it was summer, my 4-year-old son, Aaron and I would often take walks to the lake during the day where I sat in the shade of magnificent trees while Aaron fed the swans. 

After our son, Travis, was born, we often walked to the lake as a family during the cooler evenings. It was the hidden gem in what had seemed to be a negative move for us.

As it turned out, we also experienced tragedy at that little house with the sudden death of our son, Travis, at three months old, due to undiagnosed, congenital heart disease. But recently, my grown son, Aaron, told me that some of his favorite childhood memories were those walks to Swan Lake. Just the two of us while we waited on the birth of his baby brother, as well as our outings as a family. 

Granted, this Covid crisis has caused horrific challenges and even deaths. But I’ve been amazed at how people from all walks of life have come together to help those in need. These are the hidden treasures in the midst of this pandemic. What a beautiful blessing!

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