Edmond Women's Club - August 2020

Written by Maria Veres in the August 2020 Issue

Edmond Women's Club members

If you’re a woman who wants to become more involved in your community, Edmond Women’s Club (EWC) may offer just the connection you’re looking for. Founded on service and friendship, the group is welcoming new members as it begins a new club year.

Serving the Community

All through its thirty-year history,
EWC has focused on giving back to the community. Members complete volunteer service hours. EWC supports local non-
profit organizations through annual grants, and they are proud to award scholarships to deserving young Edmond women.

Some events and volunteer opportunities may look different in 2020, but EWC remains strong in its commitment to partnering with nonprofits. “We recognize that our community may need us now more than ever,” says president Heather Langhofer. The club assists a wide variety of organizations, including the HOPE Center, Miracle League, UR Special, and many more.

Deepening Friendships

Another purpose of EWC is to encourage friendships. The club holds monthly meetings as well as volunteer events where members serve alongside one another. This year has had an increased focus on small group activities, such as a book club.

“What I love most is that it gives us an opportunity to get to know women that we may not have met elsewhere,” says Heather. “We all share that common cause of serving the community.”

Getting Involved with EWC

Membership is open to any woman who lives in Edmond or is connected to the Edmond community. Members come from all age groups, backgrounds, and walks of life. 

Women can join any time, but it’s ideal to sign up at the beginning of the club year in August. Newcomers will bond by participating in extra meetings and activities throughout the year.

Anyone can contribute to EWC’s work by supporting their fundraising events. Follow EWC on Facebook for details about their next event in September 2020.

EWC is planning an open house on August 20th, 5:30pm at the Edmond Hilton Garden Hotel. All interested individuals are encouraged to register in advance at EWC. ORGunderevents. Anyquestionscanbe emailed directly to [email protected] 


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