Dr. Martha Garzon

Written by Maria Veres in the September 2019 Issue

Dr. Martha Garzon

Going to the dentist can be scary for little ones. But Dr. Martha Garzon works hard to make sure patients leave her office smiling.

A Welcoming Place 
Young patients can enjoy video games while they wait or snuggle with a stuffed animal in the dentist’s chair. “It helps a lot because it relaxes the patient,” says Dr. Garzon. “And that relaxes parents as well.” 

At Dr. Garzon’s office children receive lots of TLC. She and her team accommodate children’s needs by avoiding things that are challenging
to them and by using toys, weighted blankets, 
eye masks, and earplugs, etc. to help make their appointment more pleasant. Dr. Garzon and her staff welcome children with health concerns and sensory, behavioral, social, psychological, intellectual, and learning challenges. 

A Natural Career Choice 
Dr. Garzon’s early life prepared her well for her career. Growing up in Colombia, she had many cousins and friends who her mother welcomed into their home. “She instilled in me a love for children,” says Dr. Garzon. Among those neighbors was a boy with Downs Syndrome. Dr. Garzon enjoyed his company and has been drawn to special needs children ever since. 

“A lot of people were afraid of going to the dentist,” she recalls. “I was blessed with a good dentist and a good orthodontist.” A dental school instructor also nourished Dr. Garzon’s love for pediatric dentistry. 

At Home in Edmond 
Dr. Garzon has practiced in Edmond for nineteen years. With their choice of several suburbs, she and her husband were most drawn to Edmond. “We like Edmond because it has trees and has nice neighborhoods with convenient access to amenities and highways.” she says.

She also appreciates the welcoming community here. “I grew up in a big city,” she recalls. “Here people recognize you and they remember you.” 

She is committed to working with Edmond parents as well as children. “I am very prevention oriented,” she says. “I like to teach families about how to keep their smiles healthy at home to avoid them from coming to get them fixed.”

Dr. Garzon is accepting new patients from infants through age eighteen. “It’s so rewarding when you work with children who are afraid and see them becoming more comfortable,” she says. “No matter what challenges they have, we want them to have a dental home.”

Visit Dr. Garzon at 870 South Kelly or www.marthagarzondmd.com

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