BizLook: Lock It Up Safes

Written by Maria Veres in the January 2021 Issue

Lock it up safes

Lock It Up Safes isn’t hard to spot. Just look for the bright yellow eleven-foot safe outside their store. It’s a promotional display, but if you need a working safe of that size, the store carries one—and they offer expert delivery, too.

An Experienced Team You Can Trust

There’s no high-pressure sales pitch at Lock It Up Safes. Instead, the team strives to educate guests and find them the perfect safe. “The same guys who sell you the safe are also the guys who will deliver it,” says owner and founder Stephen Hall. “That gives our guests a high level of trust and confidence.”

Delivering safes is challenging, but Stephen and his team have the expertise and equipment to get it done right. They complete most deliveries in under an hour.

Lock It Up Safes is a family business, with Stephen’s wife Meghan taking care of the administrative and accounting side. Before opening their own store, Stephen and co-owners Sam Hixon and Kent Swenson ran the safe store at a popular OKC shooting range. They each have many years of experience in the industry.

A Safe for Every Need

“We don’t sell gun safes, we sell everything safes,” says Stephen. “You don’t have to be a gun enthusiast or even own a gun.” He sees safes as an essential appliance, like a refrigerator. “Every home needs a safe,” he says.

He urges consumers to do careful research before buying. Safes at box stores may be cheaper, but many aren’t UL listed, and the steel is too thin to withstand extreme conditions.

Whether you’re storing firearms, jewelry, keepsakes, or documents, Stephen and his team will help you protect your valuables for decades to come.

Visit Lock It Up Safes at 716 West 15th Street in Edmond and online at

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