BizLook: HVAC Solutions

Written by Maria Veres in the November 2020 Issue

HVAC Solutions

HVAC Solutions isn’t your average heat-and-air company. Besides standard heating and AC service, it offers unique indoor air quality options and even maintains its own showroom. But the primary goal of this veteran-owned company is outstanding customer service.

Meeting Customers’ Needs

Co-owner Mike Fore began his HVAC career after leaving the Coast Guard, and he soon discovered he loved working directly with customers. When he was laid off in 2009, he and his wife Stacy decided to open their own business. They have since grown their company into a thirteen-member team.

“We would be nothing without our customers,” says Mike. HVAC Solutions is a faith-based company, and Mike and Stacy are committed to serving their customers and employees wherever there are needs. “Sometimes just talking with people makes a big difference,” says Mike.

Expanding Services

Besides heating and air conditioning repair, HVAC Solutions now offers a screening device to measure the air quality in homes and detect common irritants. “The V in HVAC stands for ventilation, and that’s been forgotten for too long,” says Mike. The company offers a wide range of options for resolving air-quality problems.

Unlike most HVAC services, HVAC Solutions has a showroom where customers can view and compare products. Along with residential customers, the company also works with several medical marijuana growers, who have unique air-conditioning needs since their products are grown under high-heat lights.

Mike and Stacy plan to continue expanding the company, but their hearts will always be to give every client the best service they can. “I’m in the office more often now, but whenever I can, I go out in the field and see my customers,” says Mike. “That’s my favorite part of the day.”

HVAC Solutions is located at 1341 Fretz in Edmond and online at

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