Biz Look: Nelson Oasis

Written by Maria Veres in the June 2020 Issue

Andy Nelson & Coworker

As one of Oklahoma City’s premiere landscape design companies, Nelson Landscaping already knows outdoor living spaces well. Now their brand-new Nelson Oasis division is taking this aspect of their business to the next level. Nelson Oasis specializes in high-end, custom-crafted swimming pools, cabanas and pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and other elegant outdoor living areas.

Building Dreamscapes in OKC and Beyond

From design to installation, every part of each project is handled in-house at Nelson Oasis. Nelson Landscaping originally worked with subcontractors for pools and other outdoor living projects, but that sometimes led to quality and scheduling problems. By completing all the work themselves, Nelson Oasis can ensure the projects are completed on time and meet the high standards that their customers expect.

The company includes a management group of eleven and dozens of other team members with expertise in all facets of landscaping. Project managers remain closely involved in every installation from start to finish. “We take customer service to the next level,” says owner Andy Nelson. “We want to excel and make the projects fun for our clients, and fun for us.” 

A Passion for Outdoor Living

Nelson Landscaping Vice President Shannon Long leads the Nelson Oasis division. He brings many years of construction and design experience to the table. Shannon was part of the construction team that created the Bricktown Canal in downtown OKC, and he has been designing pools and other outdoor living spaces for fifteen years. “Shannon’s passion has always been outdoor living,” says Andy. “He’s got an amazing background and knowledge base. He’s the one making the magic happen.”

A highly qualified team of project managers and technicians work alongside Shannon to bring clients’ visions to life. Every project is one of a kind, crafted with the highest-quality building materials and custom-designed for the client’s space, needs, and budget.

Under Andy and Shannon’s expert leadership, Nelson Oasis can create almost any high-end swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, or another outdoor living area a client requests. 

A Winning Team

Nelson Landscaping and Nelson Oasis take pride in beautiful workmanship and outstanding customer service, but Andy credits his company culture for truly setting the business apart. “We focus a lot on personal development and personal improvement,” he says. Andy encourages his employees to set annual goals for their personal lives, families, and faith as well as their professional lives. “When you’re happier outside of work, you do better at work,” he says. His employees’ focus on success in all areas of their lives leads them to do their best for their clients as well.

“We have a great team,” he says. “I look forward to coming to work every day.” Between them, Andy and his management team have 150 years of experience in landscaping. Nelson Oasis works with clients throughout Oklahoma and beyond to create distinctive outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed all year long.

Visit Nelson Oasis at or contact them at 405-202-4120. 


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