Ask Edmond - September 2020

Written in the September 2020 Issue

Outlook September 2020 - Ask Edmond


I had just moved into the Chimney Hill neighborhood. I had kids in elementary and middle school, and I was raising a grandbaby. The Back40 office was sparsely furnished and located on Memorial near Bryant (the space is now a dispensary). We were busy working on our second Edmond Outlook publication.


In 2005, I had recently discovered what I wanted my career to be and changed my major to Studio Art at OSU. Most of my time was spent in class, working at Lowes, and with Amy, my wife of two years. I may have also spent a little too much time playing Halo 2 online with friends.


I was living in Edmond with my husband, Carl, and our youngest son, Jay. I was juggling a speaking and writing career and excited to join the Edmond Outlook team. But mostly, I was celebrating the birth of my beautiful granddaughter, Alexandria, and earning my new name of Grammi-Lou.


Fifteen years ago I was living in Edmond and working for a promotional products company. I didn't have kids, yet, and still slept in on Saturdays. Ha! Life is completely different now and I am incredibly thankful!


I was just starting my last year of middle school. I felt so cool because I had just gotten my first cell phone and finally had contacts instead of glasses. Glasses didn’t have the same cool factor they do now.


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