Ask Edmond - Quirky Thanksgiving Traditions


Written in the November 2019 Issue

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Do you have a beloved Thanksgiving tradition or ritual? Or perhaps one you’d like to start? Outlook’s Facebook friends shared a few of their own favorite customs.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Barbara McCrary

My brother, Tim, who is gone now would always stuff a pillow in his shirt and we would take a picture of him with a drumstick in his hand or mouth while he layed back in a recliner. We always loved those pics. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. Mine too.

Devon Hughes

We all get pennies and go around the table saying one thing we are thankful for this year. The pennies then go to the host as a thank you.

Morgan Lankford-Gordon

My family exchanges Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving. We always have a special, new ornament to hang when we put up the tree.

Amanda Bowen

We have a tablecloth that you could write on and each year we write what we are thankful for. This is a fairly new tradition, but I have a 99-year-old grandpa and wanted to preserve his handwriting and memories.

Mike Bosley

Our Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a game of “friendly” tackle football. But what makes the annual game extra interesting is we play in a cow pasture. Let’s just say it’s a high stakes game.

Donna Popp

Our annual tradition of a Mexico beach-based Thanksgiving has moved to a San Diego (with the uptick in reported violence). We celebrate with a pot-luck style dinner. The night before heading home each year, we all participate in a family talent show complete with comedians, singers, jugglers, and skits.  

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