Ask Edmond - November 2020

Written in the November 2020 Issue

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Robby Rodriguez

Student - UCO
T.J. Maxx

Because of the pandemic, my family and I are just keeping things to immediate family only. Just my parents, sister and her husband, and me and my brother.”


Elizabeth Baird

Administrative Assistant 
University of Central Oklahoma 

“My plans are to spend the holidays with my family. We usually have a big lunch and then a dessert and charcuterie board for a late dinner. We also watch a holiday movie and drink hot beverages.”


Ben Dungan

Student - UCO
S&B’s Burger Joint

“Due to the current pandemic and the rising number of cases in Oklahoma, my family has decided to keep all gatherings to a minimum with only immediate family within our contact bubble and all gatherings are done outdoors.”


Elsa Ruiz

UCO Alumna

“Since the pandemic, I’ve learned to appreciate the outdoors more! When I meet up with friends for dinner, we usually get takeout and head over to a park to meet up. I love going to Hafer Park or Scissor Tail Park!”


Avery Barker

Student - UCO
S&B’s Burger Joint

“This holiday season my planned gatherings and time with friends from OSU have been affected by the current pandemic. We have chosen not to invite all of our family and friends to our apartment for any gatherings. Despite everything else, the pandemic has allowed me to spend much more quality time with my closest family.” 


Erica Pretty Eagle

Artist & Graphic Designer
Pretty Eagle Designs

“I still plan on being with my family as much as possible during the holidays. We have been doing our best at staying positive, happy, and carrying on. Whether it's in person or over FaceTime, we make it work. I am so thankful for the bond I have with my family!“

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