Ask Edmond - July 2019

Written in the July 2019 Issue

Ask Edmond - July 2019

Ben Nevis
Human: Ann Taylor

You might say that you don’t like cats, but Ben Nevis is everyone’s favorite. He’s more like a dog than a cat really. He sleeps under the covers with us or on our pillows. If you are in the same room with Ben, he will come sit next to you and contently purr. There’s something magical about Ben... He will make you fall in love with cats no doubt. 


Human: Stephanie Tolson

My dog Rex is THE BEST! He is a “foster fail” from Country Roads Animal Rescue. We have had other foster puppies in our home since then and he took on the role as Mr. Mom. He shows all the puppies how to become housebroke, peanut butter loving, snuggle insisting dogs that has lead them to find their forever home! Without Rex teaching those puppies the rules of the house would have taken much longer. 


Human: Jackie Ellis

Rocket takes great pride in retrieving items from the house and yard that need extra attention— pillows, bath mats, blankets, sticks—and parades them in front of us like he’s completing a job well done. He also comes running when he hears the ice dispenser, eager for his cubed treat, and loves getting cooled with a splash of water when he comes in from outside—his summer spritzer, as we call it. 


Human: Denise Warner 

After Oklahoma Dog Trainer’s 14 day board and train... Scooter now accompanies me to the facilities I go to with Seasons Hospice. He brings so much joy to all my patients and has earned a reputation as the most well-behaved therapy dog.

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