Ask Edmond - Halloween Memories

Written in the October 2019 Issue

Ask Edmond

As candy and costumes make their annual appearance, some locals reflect on their favorite moments of Halloween past.

Patti Ziegenhain

“Halloween 2016 was so fun because my grandchildren (Zoey Waggoner, Elouis Mayse, Aydan Mayse, Landon Mayse) dressed up as characters from “Toy Story”, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Little Lamb and Woody.” 

Emily McGrew 

“One of my favorite Halloween memories is going out trick or treating with all my daughters’ friends then coming home late and being patient while my young counters had to slowly count each individual piece.” 

Stacie Dillard-Self

“On the left is my daughter in 2001 and on the right is my son in the same costume in 2013. These are my favorite memories because my mom made it for my daughter, then passed away in 2007 and never got to meet my son.” 

Andrew Jech

“This picture was Joey’s first Halloween, in our new house, and he was 6 months old. We were excited because our new neighborhood seemed like it would have manyTrick-orTreater’s. Our favorite memory was just how excited Joey got when kids would come to the door, and giving him pieces of candy to hand out (even though he hadn’t quite grasped the concept of letting go of anything he was holding)!” 

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