Ask Edmond - February 2020

Written in the February 2020 Issue

The Rocket Slide located in Stephenson Park will be retired from play later this year as the park is revitalized. City plans will transform this Edmond icon into a sculpture that welcomes park visitors. We asked some Edmondites to share their favorite Rocket Slide memories.

Tonya Garman
Sign Language Interpreter
OK Dept of Rehabilitation Services

As a kid, I have summertime memories of climbing to the tippy top and sliding down, burning my bare legs. Years later when I would take my kids and cousins, I remember climbing up to the top and looking around inside the metal cone to see if I recognized any of the scratched-in names.

Chris Helterbrand
Director of Development 
Analytical Edge Laboratories

In 1970, my family and I attended the Edmond Church of Christ, which, at that time, was next door to the slide. Before the final “Amen” reached the back pew, my friends and I would be in a full-on sprint to the slide.

Grady Epperly
Hi-Fi Public Relations

My mom took us there often to eat takeout before Wednesday night church. I remember the first time I had gotten just a little too big and hit my head at the top of the ladder - and sometimes, the slide would give you a pretty good static shock.

Holly Baum
Owner/Designer/Construction Manager
BaumHaus Design-Build

My mom, brother and I would picnic at Stephenson Park and then climb the rocket ship and slide down over and over. I have repeated this tradition with my daughters, and my dad loves taking my girls too. Three generations of my family have so many great memories there.

Buck Brokaw
Sign Technician
Oklahoma County District 3

Back then, I lived at Shirley Lane. After junior high games, we used to go downtown to Fred’s pool hall then wander over to the rocket and hang out. Sometimes, it was with girls and we’d go up there and make out.

T-shirts commemorating the Rocket Slide are available at Bison Creek Clothing in downtown Edmond. Children and adult sizes are $25. All proceeds benefit AMBUCS Trykes Disabilities Program. More info: AmbucsEdmondOK

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