Ask Edmond

Written in the January 2021 Issue

Ask Edmond - January 2021

Sheryl Janis

200 W 1st St. 

"The Silver Lining for our family in 2020 has been the addition of our daughter's husband to our family in March. The Silver Lining for our business in 2020 is the addition of new customers that we now consider part of the Autoworks family."


Tad Kennedy

Kennedy Tire & Auto Service
530 W. Edmond Road

“Life has been more of an uphill battle than normal. I’m a believer that “adversity reveals character”. We all have an opportunity to be a better version of ourselves after we get through this and our character should be better for it.”


Trish Maxwell

Journey Quilt Company

“In 2020, Journey's customers have shown up for us in a huge way. By supporting our business, they have let us know that a locally-owned quilt shop in their community is really important. We are so blessed to help our customers celebrate their families' memories while looking forward to a brighter future.”


Chris Berry M.Ed., CPRP

District Executive Director

[email protected] 

“Even in a year like 2020, I’ve found several silver linings. I’ve seen creativity flow more freely, people around me prioritize personal joys such as family and discoveries of new hobbies or more time to revisit old ones.”


Joe Biby

Independent distributor for Pepperidge Farm 
Pepperidge Farm

“During a Global pandemic, I was able to discover my dream job. Despite these difficult times, I’m thankful to be able to turn that dream into reality as an independent distributor for Pepperidge Farm.”


Haley Carter

Graphic Designer
4k Concepts 

“2020 has made me be more aware and thankful for things we sometimes take for granted: the health and love of my family, staying employed, the encouragement of friends, the ability to work from home, and activities in nature.”






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