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Dwight and Linda Bays recently opened The Great Frame Up custom picture framing shop in Quail Springs Village Shopping Center. The shop offers custom picture framing and wall décor and most services are completed on-site and are guaranteed. Visit the store at 13801 N. Penn or call 748-5855 for more information.


Anytime Fitness recently celebrated the opening of their Edmond location with a ribbon cutting full of food, fun and prizes. Located at 1333 N. Santa Fe, Suite 119, this 24-hour club helps “real people” get “real results”. Anytime Fitness also offers tanning services. Call 562-4577 for more information.


Beginning March 14 future spouses can prepare for marriage in this fun and insightful class taught by Dr. Kim Kimberling. The course will help couples establish good foundations in communication, sexual matters, role expectations, finances, and more from a biblical perspective. The class meets at 6:30 p.m. at the church, at 14600 N Portland Ave. and costs $150. Call Susan at 755-2227, ext. 284 to register.


All American Fitness Xpress 24/7 is now open at 204 S. Littler Avenue. Edmond’s newest 24-hour fitness option offers members full access to one of the area’s largest gyms with state-of-the-art equipment and is located in the heart of Edmond at the former Blockbuster location off 2nd & Littler. Call 562-1100 for more information.


Jaimi Aycock, designer, has received Back40’s coveted “You Rock!” award for her layout and design of February’s publications. The new "all gloss, all color" format really makes the pages pop. "Now, what do I get for the award?” Ah, Jaimi — our thanks and the satisfaction of a job well done and the balance of your comp time – after we publish.

“Have you seen our nudist issue?” No, we haven’t resorted to tawdry themed issues – yet. The question came from a very tired Donna Walker, Edmond Outlook salesperson, as she called on an advertising prospect toward the end of February’s sales effort. Donna claims that’s not what she said. “What I said was, 'Have you seen our newest issue?'” But everyone else in earshot says different. “Well, okay, I was tired and maybe it just slipped out. Whatever happened, I got the sale. I hope they are not disappointed.”

Chris Logan, website programmer, bought two iPod Shuffles this month. Most folks would need only one, but then again, programmers are not “most folks.” “I bought the first one, plugged it into my laptop, then I got to tinkering with it, and … and I basically fried it. I believe I reformatted it. I bought the second one and just plugged that one into my ears."

This Valentine's Day, we learned a little more about Krista Davenport. We now know that Krista has a fear of carrying cut flowers and/or balloons. “I don’t mind receiving them. It’s…I think I look really stupid carrying them. Like, look at me! Look at me!” Krista, perhaps the real fear is being the center of attention. Don’t worry, this magazine is only direct-mailed to 50,000 Edmond homes and businesses. It’s not like anyone will know this about you.

It’s almost spring and that means that Dave Miller, publisher and creative director, will resume disappearing for hours at a time. Deadlines, prospecting and aimlessly wandering the office halls can wait. There are trails to ride, woods to careen through, gear to buy and knees to get bruised and bloodied. Yes, mountain biking season at Arcadia has begun. “He doesn’t say where he’s going, usually mutters something about an errand, then he comes back smiling, red in the face and quite frankly, a little stinky,” says Neill Harmer, web project manager.

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