Tactical Protection at Home

Written by Heide Brandes in the November 2013 Issue

If anyone is ever crazy enough to break into Matthew Moulton’s home, they will find themselves facing not only a man with weapons training and tactical expertise in his blood, but a wife and a gaggle of kids who are also more than trained in self-protection. Moulton’s wife prefers the shotgun. His kids have been educated about guns and have been taught respect for them. They have a plan in place for any kind of emergency, and Moulton knows where his home’s weak spots and strong spots are. And he’s an expert in weapons and in dealing with an enemy.

Matthew teaching Outlook ladiesAs owner of OKC Tactical, Moulton’s goal is to train other families on safety and tactical knowledge as well. Part of that comes from the popularity of gun ownership by civilians who may not know how to store, use or care for their guns properly. Too many times in his life while serving in the U.S. Army and as a police officer, Moulton has seen families incorrectly store their weapons—and he knows that can lead to tragedy.

A career military and weapons specialist, Moulton knows his way around guns, personal protection, disarming dangerous enemies and protecting his family, but he also shows other families how to do the same.

For instance, removing the “taboo curiosity” children have for guns is a vital way to ensure they never “play” or have an accident with them. Properly storing and locking up dangerous weapons correctly is another way to make sure children are unable to get their hands on those items. Moulton also says the safe storing and handling of firearms helps ensure that the bad guys are not able to find them and use them against you. He asks, “Where do most people keep their personal home protection firearm?” In the bedside table, right? “Right… and that’s the first place a burglar will go. If that weapon is not secured, then that burglar is armed with your gun,” he says.

He fires off another question, this one about leaving young kids home alone. “If someone knocks on the door, what do we teach kids to do? To not answer it and not let strangers know they are inside,” he said. “That’s wrong. Burglars will case a house because most do not want to break into an occupied home. So, your child stays quiet, and this guy thinks the house is empty. He makes a call, and his two buddies break into the back doors because they think the house is unoccupied.” So what’s a kid to do? “The child should ask who it is, and then tell them to come back later because ‘Dad is in the shower’ or ‘Dad is taking a nap.’”

Everyone who talks for just 20 minutes with Moulton about personal protection training ultimately wants to take his course. He only wishes every gun owner could do so.

Genuine Tough Guy

Born in Norman, Moulton grew up surrounded by family in the military and police force. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father all served in the U.S. Army and as police officers. There was never any question that he would follow in their footsteps.

Emily practicing what she learned“I’ve been in the Army for 21 years total and was a police officer for eight years,” he said. “I loved helping people when I was a police officer.” Additionally, Moulton has activated with the Army Reserves since 1997, serving in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Central America throughout his career. He worked his way up from private to master sergeant and was commissioned as an officer with the rank of captain. He specialized in Civil Affairs.

When Moulton returned to Edmond, Americans were buying guns left and right. His friends kept asking him to teach them how to use those guns, and an idea was born. “I got NRA [National Rifle Association] certified, and started OKC Tactical in April,” Moulton said. “We start with a beginning course in home firearm safety. Many people do not know the difference between storing their sport guns and their home-defense guns. They aren’t securing their guns properly. Other courses are okay, but I can expand upon that training because of my experience in the military and police.”

OKC Tactical does more than just gun training. Moulton also inspects homes to find and negate security weaknesses. After recommending an alarm system, he teaches families how to respond in any emergency, from severe weather to armed intruders. “It includes everything from securing glass door entryways to cutting down on the ability to do recon on a house,” he said. “All this is information we pass on to our clients. It’s all about how to maximize safety.”

The Big Guns

“I always start with basic shooting and how to use your firearm properly. We start with no noise, no kick and then work up to the full effect with the sound and the kick of the gun,” he said. “Crawl, walk, run—that’s how we teach.”

Women are common clients for Moulton and among his favorite students to teach. “They are attentive, serious, have no machismo and are better shots,” Moulton said, laughing. In addition, being properly trained in handling and using a firearm is the best way a woman can level the playing field against an attacker, he said. “The whole point is to create space and time. You never want to have to shoot anyone, but being trained makes it safer for you. I do this because I want people to be able to take care of themselves.”

OKC Tactical instruction is tailored specifically for each client’s knowledge level, and a variety of courses makes it easy to create a package that matches individual training interests and skill level. Sessions are offered in the comfort and privacy of the clients’ homes throughout the Oklahoma City area, with practical shooting taking place at a local indoor or outdoor range of the client’s choice.

“We take the hassle and fear out of firearms training by providing instruction in the privacy of the client’s home and handling every aspect of the trainee’s training request,” Moulton said.

For more information, visit okctactical.com.

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