Online Exclusive: Pixie Dust

Written by Radina Gigova in the December 2010 Issue

New and expecting moms just received a little bit of help from a dedicated ally, who has been through it all- daunting moments, funny episodes, and that magical joy of finally bringing Baby home.

Loralyn Hamilton is a full-time writer and an Edmond mom. Her first book Pixie Dust: Magical Insights for Childbirth and Life with Little One is a compilation of anecdotes, advice, and encouragement. This useful and entertaining book, released nationwide a few weeks ago, also features practical lists of products and reminders that will help new and expecting moms be prepared in every challenging situation- from packing for the hospital, to making sure the home is ready for the arrival of its newest occupant.

Pixie Dust bridges the gap between the last few months of pregnancy, when you’ve forgotten everything you’ve been reading over the last eight months, to the first few months of life with Little One,” said Hamilton.

Pixie Dust was initially designed as a baby shower gift for one of Hamilton’s close friends, who was due to give birth nine months after the author gave birth to her daughter, Caelyn.

“I started writing things down that I wish I had known before hand,” Hamilton said. “I started writing them down on sticky notes, and little note pads,” she said.  Hamilton compiled everything she learned from her own experiences as well as advice from other mothers, mixed with poems and baby-themed stickers.

“It was during her shower that all the girls encouraged me to have the book published – everyone wanted the information, so the book got passed around,” she said. “Then I began receiving requests for the handmade books and made them for friends and family and sometimes sold them to people I didn’t even know.”

Hamilton says the pages of the book are also “sprinkled with sweet grayscale illustrations” done by her mother, Diane Haxel, which makes it even more special.

And since Christmas is just days away, which means it’s present-buying crunch time, Hamilton shared a few useful gift ideas: Pixie Dust, of course; The Cinch Wrap-- a hospital-grade reusable wrap that tightens the tummy muscles, which can be found at the Pickles & Ice Cream Store in Edmond; a writing journal; swaddling blankets; and a nursing cover.

Hamilton said instead of putting different items in an actual gift basket, she would use a tote, because of its multi-functionality. “I recommend that everyone puts a tote in the sink and fill it with hot soapy water and toss bottles and nipples and breastfeeding accessories in to soak. You come back to cleanly soaked bottles and accessories – it’s like a little fairy did it,” jokes Hamilton.

In her book, Hamilton gives countless handy tips, but there is one main thing she wants the readers to remember:

“To love your sweet baby unconditionally, and to do what feels right and natural in your heart. You have been blessed with the gift of being able to make the world a better place, one child at a time,” she writes. “Despite all the questions, uncertainties, worries, aches and pains…at the end of the day, Love is all there is…you’ll see.”

Hamilton has been living in Edmond with her husband, Daniel, and her daughter for over 10 years. After being in the corporate banking world for 10 years, she opened her own writing and consulting company. She graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a degree in Organizational Leadership, and is currently working on two new books.

For more information, visit the author’s website Pixie Dust is available in bookstores nationwide, and online at, or

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