MY OUTLOOK: Michele Menzel

Written by Bethany Marshall in the January 2014 Issue

Dr. Michele MenzelHow did you get started in teaching health and wellness?

While going through my own healing crisis twenty years ago, I found the need to explore natural ways to heal my body.

What are some common misnomers about nutrition?

Most people believe they eat pretty healthy, but the standard American diet (SAD) is void of key nutrients through modern processing techniques and leaves the body very deficient in key vitamins, minerals, enzymes and microorganisms that support our natural design.  

You recently published The Transformation, 48 Days to Eating & Living Naturally for Life. Tell us about it.

The book focuses on a complete transformation of body, mind and spirit. Creating a healthy body encompasses nutrition, detoxification, hydration, rest, faith, exercise, and sunshine/the outdoors—my 7 Laws of Wellness.

Tell us three things we could do today for better wellness.

1. Eat pure whole food, the way nature intended. Food is our medicine!

2. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day for the rest of your life.

3. Go to bed by 10pm every night for proper healing and rejuvenation.

What do you recommend for people who don’t know what to do about their health?

Take one step at a time. First, start by cutting down and eventually eliminating processed sugar. Sugar is probably the number one cause of most chronic health conditions today.

What are some of the biggest challenges our society faces in terms of health and wellness?

Returning to natural living. We have been taught that certain highly nutritious foods are bad for us and taking a pill is the answer to rid ourselves of symptoms. Returning to nutrient-dense foods, like eggs and butter, evaluating the way we think and live (as a contributing factor to the way we feel) and supporting the body through the natural healing process is new to us and can be the biggest challenge we face today. 

What are some emotional effects that an unhealthy lifestyle can have on your body?

Mood swings, depression, attention disorders and emotional upset can be directly related to endocrine and hormonal imbalances caused by sugar and processed foods, and lack of exercise, sleep, sunshine and outdoor activities.

Is there a balance between modern medicine and a holistic approach to well-being?

We need modern medicine for emergency situations, but living a natural lifestyle (7 Laws of Wellness) will help us on a daily basis to have energy and vitality well into old age. The body was designed to self-heal and thrive!

When you go out to eat, how do you know what’s healthy and what isn’t? Are the “healthy” items on menus really that good for you?

Learn how to ask the right questions. What type of oil, salt, and sugar are used in cooking. Most restaurants are using genetically engineered oils, refined salt, and refined sugar. My book gives you great tips on eating out. The healthy items on menus might be good choices, but low-fat and steamed doesn’t always mean healthier. A good choice would be wild-caught fish vs. farm-raised fish. 

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