MY OUTLOOK: DaYoung Jung

Written by Bethany Marshall in the December 2013 Issue

DaYoung Jung as the Sugar Plum FairyHow long have you been dancing?

I started dancing in Korea when I was 12, and I’m 26 now.

How does it feel to be a lead in the Nutcracker?

The sugar plum fairy is one of my favorite roles and is a magical part of The Nutcracker. It’s a very mature role compared to Clara, the little girl. However I enjoy both and they are both very challenging.

Why do you think the Nutcracker has remained as a holiday standard?

The Nutcracker is a symbol of Christmas, and it is easy to watch because the ballet isn’t too classical. Everyone can enjoy it!

What is your favorite part of the musical?

The second act. You get to see all of the different types of dancing— Spanish Hot Chocolate dancers, Arabian Coffee dancers, Chinese Tea dancers, Danish Marzipan dancers, Russian Candy Cane dancers… I love it! And, of course, the Sugar Plum Fairy dance!

What is your favorite ballet? Have you had a chance to perform it?

When I was a child, The Nutcracker was my favorite ballet and I always wanted to have a lead role. I’m so lucky my dream finally came true!

What is the most important part of preparation for you?

Coffee. If I don’t have coffee, I can’t do anything!

Besides the Nutcracker, what are your favorite holiday-themed plays or movies?

I like watching Home Alone...I love that movie!

What is the hardest part about ballet?

It’s hard to control my body. We get tired so easily, and then working with point shoes on it can be difficult for a woman dancer. It’s difficult to keep healthy and in shape all the time.

DaYoung Jung as the Sugar Plum FairyYou are originally from Korea. What is life like in Edmond compared to there?

Edmond is very quiet, and I like that it’s a small-town. There are no big buildings. Edmond is very clean and has very nice people.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play golf. I just started learning it, but it’s too cold to play now! I also like watching movies.

Anything else we should know?

The dancers for the OKC Ballet performance of the Nutcracker are working really hard every day. We want to show our audience everything we’ve got because we appreciate them coming to see us!

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