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Written by Laura Beam in the February 2013 Issue

Ashley Hughes, co-ownerIf you’ve ever pleaded with a toddler to eat his fruits and vegetables or abandoned the well-intentioned apple and yogurt on your desk to join colleagues for lunch—where the gossip was even juicier than the cheeseburger—you’re not alone. Trying to maintain nutritional balance in a world replete with delicious distractions is a daily challenge.

One savvy new Edmond hot spot, Juiceblendz Café, is bridging the gap between nutrition and convenience. Who knew juicing could be such a treat, even to an avid sweets-lover? Using 100% raw juice as a base for their smoothies, rather than sugared premixes and packaged purees, this innovative franchise is redefining the industry with delicious alternatives to high-calorie smoothies. Many of their 24 oz. ‘Smoothiez’ boast a modest 250-260 calories.

If you’re new to the ‘juicing’ phenomenon and its amazing health benefits, prepare to be delighted. Extracting juice from fruits and vegetables delivers a power-packed punch of vitamins and live enzymes in their most potent form. As a liquid, the nutrients absorb quickly into the bloodstream. The resulting boost and vitality are as explosive as the flavors of these tasty concoctions.

The nutrient-rich, icy-smooth treats are a big hit with busy soccer moms, fitness enthusiasts, executives and teens who all flock to the sleek, upbeat café. It’s clear—healthy is the new cool. And this pioneering powerhouse doesn’t miss a beat in function or form. Splashy lime and fuchsia walls energize the modern slate and chrome décor while a cozy TV nook adds a comfy, coffee-shop flair.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial drive and firsthand experience of local Juiceblendz Café owner, Ashley Hughes, Edmond boasts the first franchise location outside Florida. Hughes saw the transformational powers of raw juices when her mother was diagnosed with a blood disorder and was told she would need a bone marrow transplant to survive. After a few short years of a diet filled with freshly squeezed raw juices, she is now healthy with a normal blood count. “That’s what set Juiceblendz apart,” Hughes recalls as she researched juice companies, “the use of 100% raw juice.”

Among nearly 40 smoothie choices on the menu, the ‘Immunizer,’ and ‘Marathoner’ are frequent favorites. The ‘Immunizer’ blends freshly-squeezed juices and Multiplex, including echinacea and vitamin C, for a cold-kicking boost. The ‘Marathoner’ runs a close second with a slightly sweeter blend of berries and Multiplex. An exciting Extra Pointz menu touts more than 20 energizing smoothie add-ons designed to optimize energy, weight loss, memory, muscles, joints and more.

Juiceblendz also offers Yoblendz self-serve yogurt with more than 50 toppings, plus a fully-loaded Eatz Menu. Delicious Breakfast Bagelz score big with guests, along with Saladz, Sandwichez and Wrapz. The Asian Blendz Salad is loaded with chicken, topped with Chow Mein noodles and dressed in a peanut sauce that has a lively kick. Topping the sandwich list, the Turkey Club with melted provolone on a French baguette is a must-try.

Juiceblendz Café is located at 1200 W. Covell Rd., next to Uptown Grocery. Call (405) 205-3635. Find them on facebook or for more information.

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