Edmond's Visiting Vet

Written by Amy Dee Stephens in the February 2014 Issue

Dr. David NewsomeIt’s an interesting job being a veterinarian. Dr. David J. Newsome spends a lot of time on the floor.  “Dogs and cats love attention, so I get on the floor with them and relate to them as individuals,” said Dr. Newsome. “Each one has a personality and temperament, and if they are treated right the first time, that pet is comfortable the next time.”

Dr. Newsome fills a unique role in Edmond as the Visiting Veterinarian. It’s a business he started 31 years ago, traveling to homes to treat animal patients.

“I provide home service to shut-ins, to people without transportation, and to busy parents who can’t get to my clinic. Physical exams or vaccinations can be done in a living room in the comfort of the pet’s own home,” said Dr. Newsome. His main focus is to provide state-of-the-art care while maintaining an old-fashioned, personalized approach. Building relationships beyond the exam room is imperative to the care Dr. Newsome offers. “I’m now treating third-generation clients—the grandchildren of my original clients, so I really see myself as part of the community.”

Having had great success with his in-house service, Dr. Newsome opened the full-service All Care Pet Hospital on Broadway in 1993 for surgeries, in-patient care and digital x-rays. He even offers boarding for his clients, giving their pets a comfortable place to stay with hands-on care while they are away.

Being a veterinarian is still a dream come true for Dr. Newsome because he loves working with the animals. “I don’t call myself a pet whisperer, but God has given me a sixth sense about being with and reading animals. I do my best to put them at ease. It’s also about establishing good communication with the pet owner.”

As spring approaches, Dr. Newsome encourages pet owners to start thinking about preventing parasites that emerge as the weather warms up. He also offers deeply discounted rates on puppy and kitten vaccine programs in order to get animals off to a healthy start. 

“Helping owners understand how to care for their pet, and communicate with that animal on its level—that’s my passion,” Dr. Newsome said. “I enjoy the rapport I develop with the clients who invite me into their homes. I’ve worked in all types of houses and in all rooms. I’ve coaxed animals out of closets…from under front porches…out from under beds….” Yes,

Dr. Newsome spends a lot of time on the floor.

Dr. Newsome can be reached at 341-0000 or thevisitingvetedmond.com.

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