Do-Nothing Weekend to Transitional Weekend

Written by Dave Miller in the November 2018 Issue

In Other Words with Dave

Hmmm. It’s weird to just sit here. It’s the weekend and I’m not busy. It’s quiet. There’s no to-do list I need to get busy on. I don’t need to go to Lowe’s. Nothing is pressing. No worries. I’m experiencing a general lack of stress.

This is the first weekend in a long, long time that I’m not working on my house - getting it ready to sell. Because it sold. Well, technically it’s under contract. I’ve spent months clearing out and packing up all my belongings. I’ve worked with contractors and on my own to get this house updated, remodeled, tiled and painted. Finally it was time to list it. Four showings the first day, two offers the second day and now its under contract. Nice. 

So this is my do-nothing weekend at my new (to me) house. There will be no trips to Lowe’s. No unboxing of stuff to put on shelves. No rearranging of furniture. No hanging of art. No repotting of plants. It’s a home improvement-free weekend. 

Okay, I did do some rearranging - of pillows - so I could watch several episodes of WestWorld. Around lunch, I did drive toward Lowe’s on my way to get a Freddy’s burger. And I confess, I did move two boxes, but only so I could pull my motorcycle out of the garage and take a sunny afternoon ride. 

As the day faded away, I settled in to watch a few more WestWorlds, and I realized that the lamp in the dining room was really bothering me. It came with the house. I kept thinking that dining room would be much happier with my light hanging in there. Next thing I know I’m flipping off the breaker and wiring up my fancy-boy (as Alison calls it) Mid-century Nelson lamp. My first home improvement project at my new house. 

A few minutes later I reactivated the breaker. There was light. My light. And with that I turned my do-nothing weekend into a transitional weekend. What’s my next project?  

Dave Miller

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In Other Words with Dave

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