DAVE: The Art of the Party

Written by Dave Miller in the July 2014 Issue

We’re a design firm—we create web marketing for our clients. We also create and publish this magazine. Last week we planned and executed a different kind of project - a client VIP party. Here’s a bit of our process.

Promote E-blast 600 of your favorite clients and tease them with hints about the party—what we’ll be eating, drinking and giving away.

At the partyDecorate Differently We mounted quotes, jokes and random sayings in large cartoon bubbles.

Eats Hire a great caterer like Running Wild and tell them to go wild. Our guests ended up with bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, pulled pork on sweet potato wedges and puffy cheese pastries that I cannot pronounce.

Drinks Ice down at least four varieties of beer and hand select 100 interesting sodas from Pops. Some of our favorite flavors: South Fork Strawberry Rhubarb, Frostie Green Apple and Chubby Bubble Gum—actually that last one wasn’t one of our favorites.

Giveaways Who doesn’t like free stuff? We gave away gift cards to local restaurants, a variety of ads in this magazine and 2 iPad minis. Having a well-caffeinated 10-year-old (my granddaughter) pull the winning raffle tickets is fairly entertaining too.

Pleasant Conversation Engage your guests. Ask questions. Small fibs are acceptable. Be interesting for 5 minutes (if I can do it, you can do it). Above all be gracious—these VIPs pay our salaries.

Sound like fun? We’d love to invite you to our next event. What? You’re not a Back40 client or Outlook advertiser? I’m sorry, lets fix that. Let me hold those jalapeño poppers while you sign this proposal. 

Check out more party pics at back40design.com/blog.

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