Dave's Blurb for September

Written by Maggie Cannon in the September 2013 Issue

You know what they say, while the boss is away, the employees will…write his blurb for him.

Nothing too crazy has happened in the past two weeks while Dave’s been vacationing with his family in Colorado: the office hasn’t burned down and somehow the coffee still gets made in the morning.

Man riding a horse through drive-throughA couple weeks ago, we posted a photo on Outlook’s Facebook page—a paparazzi-esque iPhone shot of something you don’t see everyday—a man riding his horse through the McDonald’s drive-thru at Danforth and Kelly.

Apparently others thought the photo was as interesting as we did. By the end of the day, the photo had been shared over 130 times, reaching the newsfeed of almost 16,500 people across the country.

As the photo spread in popularity, memories began to surface as people began commenting about their stories and interactions with him.

            “Blew my kids’ minds to be riding in the car and pass a cowboy.”

            “He’s been doing that for years!”

            “Makes me smile.”

            “This is why I love Oklahoma.”

            “I know this man very well. He officiated my wedding and my 6-month-old son is named after him.”

It was obvious this man had brought smiles to many Edmond residents over the years. We had to know who he was. With the help of our Facebook followers, we got in contact with Irvin Judd, who was very surprised the photo gained so much popularity.

For “years and years and years,” Judd and his horse Rusty have been riding through that McDonald’s—Judd would order some lunch and get Rusty some apple slices. Judd loves to ride around Edmond on one of his horses, posing for photos, and with a parent’s permission, he’s been known to even give kids rides.

“For some of the kids, it’s the first time they’ve ever been on a horse,” Judd said. “That’s all you need, to see kids smile.”

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Maggie Cannon, Marketing Associate, Back40 Design

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Louise Tucker Jones Says:
September 3rd, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Great story!

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