Dave's Blurb for January

Written by Dave Miller in the January 2014 Issue

As I write this, I realize I left my coffee somewhere.

I do this fairly often. In my mind’s eye, I can see it, all steamy hot with little vapor swirls wafting upward. But I still can’t find it. So moving forward without the benefit of caffeine, I present to you my year in review.

I enjoyed 2013 so much, I’d like to do it again. On the web development side of the business, we brought on over 160 new clients. Oddly enough, eight of them were waterparks, so if you have a waterpark, we’d be happy to assist you with your web marketing. On the publication side of the business, we expanded our direct-mail delivery to include north Oklahoma City. That’s been a good move…or as we like to say, the Outlook is good for business.

As a company, we completed our first year in our fabulous office space in the heart of Edmond on equally fabulous 5th Street.

Things we gained:

5 Addy awards

1 marketing associate

1 designer

1 account executive

1 Keurig single-cup coffee maker

10 office plants (with an 80% survival rate)

7 servers for web hosting

1 official office dog

2 homemade cheesecakes (from clients)

1 Facebook stalker

1 Back40 baby (our first)

Approximately 1.5 million spammy emails from experts wanting to help us with SEO (yes, we get those too)

An office mouse (I’m actively working on putting the little guy in the ‘loss’ column)

Things we lost:

Those 2 office plants

1 marketing associate (moved to NYC for love)

1 PC

1 iPhone 5c

My favorite parking spot (you know who you are)


As you can see, the gains column is much bigger than the loss column. I like it when it works out like that. Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy and profitable 2014.

Well, I can’t find my coffee­—adding one more thing to the loss column. 

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