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Written by Sarah Paige Berling in the April 2013 Issue

Team Undiscovered

If you were to ask Terry Storch, Rob Bell, and Brian Russell why they enjoyed competing in bicycle racing, you would get three different answers with the same message—camaraderie. “I love cycling because it is an amazing workout without major impact and strain on my body,” says Storch. “Years ago I enjoyed running, but had to give it up because of the impact on my knees and back. Cycling is much more forgiving.”

Racing“When I was first starting out, it was really hard for me to lose to my teammates,” says Bell. “When it came to the race, I was in it for myself and would do what it took to win, even if that meant chasing my own team. I quickly learned that racing was a lot more enjoyable when you focus more on the team aspect and less about yourself. When you sacrifice your own finish to get your best friend across the line first, it means so much more to you.”

Russell pipes in, saying, “When I moved to Edmond in 2009, I was excited to learn that my next door neighbor, Terry, was thinking about getting into cycling. I don’t think either one of us had really been bike riders since childhood, but there was something appealing about taking up such a low-impact, yet highly beneficial exercise routine. Having someone else nearby who was committed to developing a healthier lifestyle was very helpful.”

Team Undiscovered was created in 2005 by Brian Parks and Judson Copeland who attended Oklahoma Christian University at the time. According to Storch, the pair simply wanted nice bicycle jerseys and shorts, but realized early on that in order to afford it, they would have to buy in bulk. And just like that, Edmond’s very own racing team was started.

TeammateWhile the health benefits of racing are readily apparent, there are other, less obvious benefits. Storch says that it helps his mental health. “Cycling allows me to get away from a busy, fast-paced life and unplug with a great hobby. When you’re on the bike, it’s hard to check email, respond to text messages and take phone calls. So for me, it creates an environment where I can disconnect from the world and allow my mind and body to relax—it’s a major stress relief.”

Russell attributes his weight loss to his racing friends, saying, “Having achievements to shoot for—the next race in the season, or simply the desire to be able to keep up with those on our team in higher race categories—was motivation to exercise more than I had at any other point in my adult life. Due in large part to the encouragement and camaraderie of my fellow Team Undiscovered racing friends, I have been able to lose 45 pounds and feel more fit than I did even ten years ago.”

In addition, Bell sincerely appreciates the group’s spiritual foundation. “Our team was founded on Christian values and we provide accountability to each other to make sure all of our riders present themselves in a manner that we are proud of. Multiple riders donate their winnings to local non-profits as a gesture to a local community that has given so much to us.”

LogoThe team practices together every week as a group, for both safety and socializing purposes. They race every weekend between February and September, through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas and Colorado.

For more information on the group, please visit their website,

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