BUSINESS: One Focus Medical

Written by Amy Dee Stephens in the September 2014 Issue

Dr. Jeffery Davenport, Owner of One Focus MedicalDr. Jeffrey Davenport is offering a new approach for people who are frustrated with typical medical insurance. He has eliminated insurance from his practice and offers his services for a fixed monthly membership fee. 

“It’s like a gym membership,” Davenport explained. “For a flat fee, you have 24-hour access to my cell phone, whether you’re sick once a month or ten times a month.”

As a family practitioner for eight years in Edmond, Davenport found himself justifying his every move with insurance companies. He felt that when a doctor and patient made a health decision, an insurance company shouldn’t say no. “It wasn’t good enough to have the letters MD behind my name, I had to justify everything. It wasn’t fair to me or my patients. Being ‘insurance-less’ is a free-market approach, and it means that my patients get more personalized care, save money and save time.” 

Davenport, who is following a model he observed in Kansas, formed One Focus Medical six months ago. He describes the business plan this way: “If my patient feels sick, he can call me anytime, and I will either help over the phone or say, ‘How fast can you get here?’ There is no waiting for an appointment or sitting in a waiting room.”

How is this possible?  Because Davenport only accepts 600 patients—which is far fewer than the 3,000 patients most doctors take. According to Davenport, most doctors see 20-30 people each day in 15-minute slots. With lower overhead and dramatically less paperwork, Davenport is free to deliver high-quality, personalized care. “If you cut your hand and need stitches on Saturday night, call me, and I’ll take care of it—no need to go to an emergency room.”

The fee structure for One Focus Medical is based on age and is typically: $50/month for ages 20-50, $75/month for ages 50-65, and $100/month for 65+. Children of patients are $10 a month. With the rising rates in deductibles, many of Davenport’s patients have found cost savings—including multiple small businesses and individuals—that still have traditional insurance.

“My fees are probably less than your cable bill each month. It’s time for Americans to rethink medical care and remember that the relationship between doctor and patient is sacred. One Focus Medical gives patients control over their health care.”

To learn more, visit or call Dr. Davenport at 405-285-7568. 


Cassie Says:
September 5th, 2014 at 11:32 pm
great article. I've seen first hand that this type of medical care is great!

Gloria Thomas Says:
September 6th, 2014 at 3:57 pm
How do you handle hospital patients and catastrophical diseases?
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