BUSINESS: Haggard's Fine Furniture


Written by Bethany Scott in the February 2013 Issue

Jean Murphy & Earle HaggardThe Haggard family name is one that stands for quality, service and tradition. Earle Haggard and his staff strive to continue and improve that legacy while running Haggard’s Fine Furniture.

Haggard’s offers quality, American-made furniture with custom design options—serving the metro and surrounding areas. Founded in 1916 by John W. Haggard, the company started as a simple answer to the question of where to buy quality wood products and furniture lines. J. Earle Haggard, Jr., is the third generation of Haggards to own and operate the store, following the framework his grandfather and father had originally implemented.

Focused around service, Haggard’s strives to provide the public with personal and thoughtful attention, while providing a product that will meet the customer’s expectations. In addition, the staff at Haggard’s is committed to benefiting the customer more than themselves, “A customer is not just a number, they are a Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones.” 

“Everybody needs furniture. We are just trying to offer the finest quality,” says Haggard. This quaint furniture store believes it has found that finest quality of products though providing furniture made in the USA. Haggard’s works closely with several Amish companies and product lines to deliver superior solid-wood and upholstered goods to customers. It is important to Haggard to support companies working to keep jobs within the USA. Another benefit to working closely with other businesses within America is being able to guarantee excellent products.

“The focus has changed,” says Haggard, believing that more companies have outsourced manufacturing to save money. Haggard states that, once outsourced, even within the same product line, quality can drop from what it was a year ago.

Earle Haggard works at the store six days a week, personally dealing with customers. “I’m there to make a decision on the spot if a customer needs me.”

He truly enjoys dealing with the public, satisfying their needs, and assisting them in making the right decision on what to buy.

Learn more about Haggard’s Fine Furniture by visiting their store at 3415 N. May Ave. in Oklahoma City, or visit

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