BUSINESS: College Nannies and Tutors

Written by Paul Fairchild in the September 2013 Issue

Karin DallasEdmond’s College Nannies and Tutors has been a community fixture since 2010. Owner Karin Dallas has built the company’s reputation on reliability, flexibility and excellent customer service. Her approach is simple: meet with families, identify their needs and match them with the best available assistance.

“I was inspired to bring the College Nannies & Tutors franchise to Edmond because, as a working mom of an elementary-aged child, I saw a definite gap in qualified, certified, professional in-home childcare in our community,” says Dallas.

Offering a full compliment of childcare services includes nanny placement, on-call nannies and professional babysitting. No more rifling through the rolodex to find the number of your sister’s friend’s daughter to watch the kids on date night. Dallas and her staff tailor childcare services to each family, creating individual pro-grams that fit not only parents’ busy schedules, but their values as well.

Dallas’ tutoring services work similarly. Every student’s academic needs are different, and Dallas is prepared to meet all of them. Tutors aren’t just subject-matter experts—they’re role models, and matching the right role model to the right student dramatically improves learning. One-on-one tutors offer homework help and prepare students for tests needed to apply for college, including the ACT and the SAT. Thoroughly trained tutors strive to make learning easy, fun and rewarding. They employ structured methods and proven teaching approaches, but keep things flexible to accommodate every student’s unique needs. Tutoring takes place at an on-site learning center.

“Our secret weapon is our people—our role-model nannies and tutors,” says Dallas. “Everything we do is customized and one-on-one. Every family is unique, every student is unique and every solution is unique.  We offer a role-model approach to full-service, in-home customized childcare. We handle everything—initial family consultation, nanny screening, matching families and nannies, and replacing nannies when circumstances change. All of that and more is part of our brand promise.”

“Our rock-star nannies and tutors come mainly from UCO and OC, as well as by referral,” Dallas says. “ We also have some super-great nannies from less obvious sources—retired moms and grandmas who still have a passion for taking care of children—as well as highly screened internet leads.”

For more information, call (405) 513-6060 or email [email protected].

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