Best of Edmond: Tribble's Driving School

Written by Rebecca Vidacovich in the July 2010 Issue

Russ Tribble has been teaching area residents how to drive since 1978.

A former high school coach and driving instructor, Tribble now owns Tribble’s Driving School in Edmond. He says the best part of his job is that he’s teaching life skills. “It’s not something they’re going to study for and forget; they’ll use what they learn here for the rest of their life.”

Like many driving schools, Tribble’s course satisfies the state mandated requirements, but what makes his class stand out from the rest is his OSBE certified accreditation and personal attention. “I handle all the class work and all the driving so no one gets mixed messages,” he said. “I’m the Lone Ranger.”

Tribble is certified with the Oklahoma State Board of Education, which means he is certified with the school board to teach drivers education. “It’s an accreditation that few in the private sector can claim,” Tribble said. “It requires 24 college credit hours, which is three times the number of hours required for private driving school accreditation.”

His course allows teens to get their license six months earlier and provides a discount on car insurance, which he says will easily pay for the class. Tribble offers classes for international students, and Spanish classes will soon be available. He can also schedule an appointment for the driving exam - eliminating the long waiting line.

One of Tribble’s fondest memories is from his time coaching and teaching driver’s education to special needs students at UCO. “I’ve always felt special needs kids were protected by their parents,” Tribble said. “They go from an extremely guarded environment to driving down the highway. It was a most liberating experience for them - you talk about a big smile on their faces!”

Tribble taught Kate Kuleshov, wife of famous pianist Valery Kuleshov, how to drive. “She acted just like a teenager – very excited to learn to drive,” he said.  

An avid biker, Tribble owned a bicycle shop before opening Tribble’s Driving School in 1998. He still enjoys restoring old bicycles and even took a train ride up to Oregon to custom make his own bicycle.

In addition to riding and restoring bicycles, Tribble teaches recreation education at Summit Middle School and is a chess club sponsor. He also teaches “yoga for old fat guys,” he jokes. “You don’t have to be old, fat or a guy to join. We are inclusive of all...even imperfect bodies.”

To enroll in Tribble’s Driving School, call 341-2984 or visit

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