An Award-Winning Night

Written by Bethany Marshall in the March 2016 Issue

Jennay Wangen, JR Ross, Jonathan Siler, Bethany Marshall, Ryan Kirkpatrick and Robbie Knight at the ADDYs

In true tradition, the team at Back40 and Outlook knows how to have a good time. And the night of the 50th annual American Advertising Awards, affectionately know as the ADDYs, was no exception. Held on February 20th in a room full of advertising, marketing and design professionals, an evening of celebration began.

Following the theme of “Priceless,” the crew that attended dressed to impress. After all, when you win as many awards as we do, you need to look good! Plus, there was a photo booth (our favorite!) and we are always down for a silly picture (check it out below).

The night moved quickly, the crowd oohing and aahing, sprinkling in applause and cheers when the winners were announced in each category. Whenever a category we entered was presented, we all sat eager and excited to see the final result. We were sure to cheer loudly and proudly with each award! Back40 and Outlook racked up a total of nine ADDYs—three gold, three silver and three bronze.

From logo design to front cover photography, our entire team works hard on each project and it’s always nice to be rewarded—and awarded. 

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