Lukas Miller, Owner of Sit Means SitDogs may be man’s best friend, but that friendship requires discipline and encouragement from the owner. Sit Means Sit offers a variety of training and discipline techniques for your canine companions.

“I think every dog owner should train their dog in some form or fashion,” says Lukas Miller, who owns and operates the Edmond facility. “It’s a great way to build on your relationship with your dog, no matter what stage of life or training they are in.”

Despite his fondness for dogs, Miller didn’t own one until adulthood during his service in the Air Force. He got two dogs, a brother and sister, and got to work training them. “When I would get home, everyone else would still be sleeping. I’d take the dogs across the street to this field to train them.” Some issues, he learned, couldn’t be solved by offering treats as rewards. “I found out about Sit Means Sit and was astonished about how amazing dogs could be, and how fast they could get results.” Miller decided to go from client to owner and opened his own Sit Means Sit location.

Miller believes dogs are never too old to be properly trained. “Some older dogs learn a bit slower, but they still learn all the same in the end. It’s a beautiful thing to train older dogs because we see the stress dissipate from their owner’s life. It’s typical for us to hear we are an answer to a prayer. Better late than never!”

The team at Sit Means SitMiller has trained hundreds of animals, but one in particular stands out. “Patrick is a six year old yellow lab. He is completely blind and has been his whole life,” Miller explains. The dog was often placed in a kennel and had developed a habit of spinning in circles, often to the detriment of carpet and blankets. “The Sit Means Sit system is successful with all dogs, but even more so with dogs that have complications, like Patrick,” Miller says. “We focus on developing a great line of communication between owners and their dogs.” Patrick can now “place”—be told to stay in one location and not move without permission—and can also now find his way around the house without a problem. “Patrick is so much happier, as is his owner because she can communicate with her dog in a way she never could before,” Miller adds.

Miller and the staff at Sit Means Sit enjoy seeing the progress made by owners and their pets. “We work with each dog and their owner to find a package which facilities their goals,” Miller explains. “Our goal is to deliver dogs that are well mannered, but we never remove the playful part of training.”

Sit Means Sit is at 14624 Metro Plaza Blvd, Ste D, near 33rd St and Santa Fe Ave in Edmond. For more info, visit sitmeanssit.com, or call 673-5538.  

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