Amy Foskin, Science Fit Success StoryAmy Foskin, Edmond resident and CPA at Ernst and Young, recalls how she felt when she discovered Science Fit personal training studio three years ago—ecstatic was the word that came to mind.

Foskin had been searching for a fitness plan she could work into her busy schedule, and Science Fit’s 30-minute, low-impact, high-intensity workouts were a huge draw. Within weeks of starting her one-on-one sessions—just once a week—Foskin, age 50, had already noticed a transformation in her strength and energy level.

“When you have the combination of this once-a-week workout with a low-carb diet, it’s amazing what results you do get,” she said. “If you learn what your limits are and push yourself to your limits, the progress and strength you’re gaining over the course of a couple months is just amazing.”

Foskin also enjoys the variety of exercises she can perform on the facility’s machines, ensuring she never gets stuck in the same old routine.

Dr. Trey Milligan opened Science Fit in May 2011, offering Edmond area residents a new, safe alternative to achieve their fitness goals. Science Fit offers clients 30-minute, private workouts in a cool, 64-degree gym (read: no sweating) with a personal trainer who’s focused on safety, proper technique and intensity.

Dr. Trey Milligan, Owner of Science Fit“What science has shown in multiple studies is that we reap many health and fitness benefits if we exercise in a high-intensity manner in short bouts,” he said. “We limit high intensity training sessions to 30 minutes to minimize the possibility of over-training and injury. The Science Fit protocol allows us to serve individuals across a wide spectrum of ages, from teens to those in their eighties.”

It was in Dr. Milligan’s role as a family physician and urgent care physician that the idea of Science Fit was born. He often treated patients suffering from diseases that were largely preventable or at least treatable with lifestyle intervention, such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

“I would see people with a laundry list of medical problems and an even longer list of medications and think ‘wow, we need to do a better job of achieving health and fitness through lifestyle intervention. But how can we do that in a safe way that fits into the average person’s already busy life?’’ The answer is Science Fit’s efficient, effective and safe workout protocol performed once or twice weekly.”

To learn more about Science Fit visit sciencefit.net. All visits & sessions are by prior appointment only.

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